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Bury, Lancashire, steeped in history, and blanketed with magnificent countryside and fabulous views, especially from the top of Holcombe Hill, all the way to Manchester, the Cheshire hills, Liverpool, and North Wales, and to Blackpool in the other direction. Wonderful people, wildlife, wild entertainment, and a "World Famous" market.

I've taken quite a few photographs in and around Bury over the years, and I think that some are good enough to include on a calendar of Bury, so here it is. The calendar is a large, A3 size, in full colour.

Leeloo Causing A Big Badda Boom At The East Lancs Railway Station in Bury Lancashire

Shooting film characters in Bury has been amazing fun. I've shot Leeloo, at the East Lancs Railway Station on Bolton Street, Tomb Raiders in Redisher woods, Burrs, and around Tower Farm, a Sparkling Diamond Of The Moulin Rouge at Bury Met, Hong Kong Ballet Dancer Katherine Po Ling Wong, in Holcombe, the Vampire Vicki Wood in her porn heels, on Barry the Buell, on top of Holcombe Hill during the Blood Moon, and several shoots based on the original 'Calendar Girls' film. The looks on peoples faces are a sight to see sometimes too, I especially remember when Leeloo walked down the steps and onto the platform at Bolton Street train station on a busy Bank Holiday Monday!

Bury is the perfect location for photo shoots, and for filming, apparrantly, there are some amazing locations.

Holcombe Village, Bury Lancashire, Bury Met, and Burrs Country Park

You could never tire of the views from the top of Holcombe Hill, they are as spectacular on the way up as they are on the way down the other side of the hill, and on the South side is Redisher Woods, where you can spot Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, and many other birds. Deer are hard to spot, but they are there, and it is mushroom heaven in late August / early September, you have to tread carefully in parts of the woods, there are so many mushrooms.

There is a waterfall just a few minutes walk into the woods, and if you arrive there just at the right time, when the sun is shining on it, it puts on a multi coloured light show for you as the rays of the sun dance in the cascading water, it's a delight to see, as are the wildflowers and the bluebells in the Spring.

Lush Pickings! A Basket Of Mushrooms From Redisher Woods, Bury Lancashire

Previous calendars - Vintage, Vintage Motorbikes, Fancy Dress, Vampires, Tomb Raiders, and Country Girls, were all to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis and Leukodystrophy research, but I would like the funds from this calendar to be used to buy equipment for people living with disabilities. Every week 300 people are having their mobility vehicles taken from them because of benefit reforms.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the calendar.

Springside View On A Hot Summers Day

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